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Why Are GSI Grain Bins The Best?

As we've written about before, grain bins (aka silos for the layman) help store grain, feed, corn etc. GSI offers farm storage bins that are targeted towards farmers who want to maximize their profitability.

The economic rule of supply and demand dictates that at harvest time when there's a glut of grain, the price of grain will be very low. using a GSI grain bin, agriculture growers can keep grain on-hand for an extended period of time and sell when the market is in a more attractive state. As a bonus, on-site storage of grain offers things like saving time and reduced shipping costs.

There are many things that set GSI grain bins apart from the rest of the field. On of these is that the sidewall sheets are are heavier. GSI is able to make up to 5 gauge galvanized steel sidewalls which make for unbeatable wall strength.

As if that wasn't enough, GSI also offers "Farm-Com" grain bins. These use vertical stiffeners that channel the load, the weight in the bin, to the foundation more effectively.

GSI also offers in-house corrugated steel patterns. GSI uses an exclusive roll-forming press that corrugates with better precision and allows the sidewall sheets to have a tighter fit and better weather protection.

For more detailed info about GSI grain bins, check out the attached PDF.

What Are GSI Grain Bins?

Grain bins are also known as grain silos. To those of us not that familiar with the commercial farming industry we have probably just called them simply "silos".

The word "silo" comes to us from the Greek word σιρός or siros which means a "pit for holding grain" - which is still what a grain silo is used for today.  Of course they're not pits dug under the earth any longer, but complex and well-built structures that rise above the ground.

They are called grain bins within the agriculture industry because that's what they typcially contain. They can hold grain, fermented feed which is called "silage", corn, cement, coal, woodchips, sawdust and carbon black. 

When used in agriculture, these bins/silos are typically round and made of corrugated metal. Square structures are also used, but round is more preferred because materials can't get stuck in corners that way.

These bins help farmers keep their products on-farm for longer, which can help them increase their harvest capacities. Farmers can hold onto their commodity for longer and wait for a time when the market may be better so they can get a better price and thereby maximize their productivity.