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Dave Pleiman: 419-925-4349 x107
Homan, Inc. Parts Manager


419-925-4349 x 107
Dave Pleiman

Parts Manager

We carry an impressive stock in our retail space and have a large inventory of parts. See the slide show (below) for a small sample of our large parts inventory. 

  • Badger / Miller Pro
  • Houle
  • J-Star
  • Manure handling equipment
  • Ventilation parts (fans, controls, shrouds, curtains, curtain cont. rollers)
  • Electric motors
  • Silo unloaders (Badger, J-Star, Hanson, Patz)
  • Parts for livestock feeders, waterers, confinement,
    and pumps
  • Bulk bins and auger systems (GSI and AP)

Check out our parts inventory! For more information, or for prices, call at the number to the right, or use our Contact Us form.

Parts Inventory