• Homan, Inc.
  • 6915 Olding Road
  • Maria Stein, OH 45860


Al Unrast: 419-925-4349 x127
Homan, Inc. Construction Manager

Max Ferguson: 419-925-4349 x128
Homan, Inc. Construction Estimator

Marv Tuente: 419-925-4349 x102
Homan, Inc. Sales Manager, New & Used Equipment

Jetse Boersma: 419-925-4349 x109
Homan, Inc. Sales Manager, Dairy Construction & Equipment

Eric Homan: 419-925-4349 x105
Homan, Inc. Grain Systems Manager

Jim Brackman: 419-925-4349 x125
Homan, Inc. Service Manager

Dave Pleiman: 419-925-4349 x107
Homan, Inc. Parts Manager

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